A new wave of terrorism -The Nation

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With the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan, some would believe that all threats have come to an end for Pakistan. People on this side tend to dream of the good days but all hopes drowned when things did not go the way they were expected.

The situation in Afghanistan is worsening by the day just as it was back in the previous Taliban tenure. The human crisis is at its limit in the land of Afghans; no jobs, no currency and no clear direction to run the country as per the 21st century’s basic standards.

We can’t ignore the threat, with the elimination of TTP’s Khalid Balti in Afghanistan, who was reorganising different groups against Pakistan, as the proof of this. The news of two top-notch BLA commanders killed by Iranian forces is also satisfying and welcoming, but the threat is still there.

If, according to the concerned authorities, India is backing the new terrorism wave in Pakistan and is planning it in Afghanistan, our only reason to support the Taliban regime goes away.

The Taliban’s cooperation promises are questionable here too. Prime Minister Imran Khan would have no reason from now on to defend the Taliban regime and set up a stage to help it.

It is a new but a very clear realisation that Taliban can’t help the region against terrorism unless the world understands the increasing economic crisis in the country. Pakistan came to know this reality after sensing the increasing threat of terrorism in the country.

In a recent press conference, national security advisor Dr Moeed Yousaf admitted that Afghan land is being used against Pakistan and the Taliban government is not meeting the expectations of Islamabad. It is unclear yet if the Taliban government really wants to help its neighbours or not.

Another reason for the Taliban’s non-cooperation policy could be a state of helplessness. How would the Taliban government jump in against different terrorist groups if they are on the edge of an extreme, humanitarian crisis? The Taliban have to understand now that they are left with the only option and that is to cooperate.

After the withdrawal of the US forces, the US is also not as interested in this region. Pakistan will have to fight this war alone without any allies and without any budget to counter terrorism if it comes to this.

This is actually more threatening and challenging in a time when we are already struggling to normalise our economy and there is political chaos in a country.

The Interior Minister said very well that Pakistan fought a long war against terrorism and we are now more equipped to face the challenge. But the country needs a unified and quick response to fight growing terrorism.

We have enjoyed peace after so many sacrifices in major military operations like Zarb-e-Azb, carried out by our professional army. We need that dedication and focused struggle yet again.

Politicians also have to play a proactive role in refreshing our policies against terrorism. All of us believe that our country cannot afford the situation like it was back in 2007 and beyond.