Biden was unaware of the consequences of AUKUS -The Frontier Post

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Oleg Obukhov

Let’s say that Biden did not know the possible outcome of the AUKUS deal… This is what the ex- US Secretary of State is trying to convince the whole world of. But then a question for the presidential aides: is it professional incompetence or is “a knife in the back” of France a cunning move?

As little ones, I swear… Godkov is not a little too small and has been in politics for more than a dozen years. Although, they say, the more for “70+”, the brighter the childishness manifests itself: both Kerry and Biden – five minutes to 80…

Former Secretary of State John Kerry tried to justify his president, saying that Biden did not know that the French ambassador was recalled from Washington due to the deal between the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Quote: “He literally did not know what happened,” – saidKerry in his interview with the French TV channel BFMTV.

In principle, due to his workload and tight schedule, for example, Biden really might not know all the subtleties of the alleged consequences. Then it is not clear by what criteria the assistants to the head of the White House were selected, who simply had to present the entire possible alignment in order to avoid the negative development of the scenario.

This is big politics, in which the hand on the pulse should be online. If, as Kerry says, the head of the White House was not in the know, then the assistants are mediocre. Such should be driven in the neck! Or – everyone knew everything and the mnogohovochka was scheduled “in seconds”, and now they behave in such a way that the Americans are offended for their power. Kerry wanted to iron out the international scandal. As a result, there is a reaction of “chickens to laugh” on the Internet. Besides, questions poured in after, they say, if so, then what else can Biden not guess? By the way, his rating is alreadyis lame : 53% of Americans rated his work as president negatively, only 38% positively (data as of early October).

If the current American leader continues to “work” like this, and others – like Kerry, then a second term in the Oval Office is unlikely for Biden.