Biological weapons and inhumane shades -The Frontier Post

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Russia and China have prepared a joint statement on the threat posed by the activities of more than 200 American biological laboratories operating outside the United States in different countries of the world. The rival nations have taken up the issue at the meeting of the First Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nation during recent days. According to reports, both Russia and China expressed their concerns on the military biological activity of the US and its allies outside their territories. The representatives of Russia and China collectively observed that more than 200 American biological laboratories are located outside the United States and operate in an opaque, non-transparent manner and raise serious concerns and questions from the international community about whether this is in line with the Convention on Biological weapons. Both Russia and China also raise questions regarding the biological activity of the United States on its territory, whether it complies with the Biological Weapons Convention.

According to reports, the United States had set up its military biological laboratories in 25 countries in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Ukraine, Georgia and others during the past decades. Due to America’s involvement in biological toxic business, the US did not join the convention of biological diversity, Kyoto Protocol, exited from the Paris agreement and refused to accept quantified emission reduction commitment at international level. The book “Poisoning the Pacific” written by the British Journalist John Mitchell briefly discusses the US military’s work on bioweapons in the western pacific which badly contaminated the regional waters.

The two American rivals lashed out on their common foe during the meeting of the First Committee of the UNGA, however all such actions are politically motivated and western Diplomats are likely to appear with similar allegations against Russia and China during next hearings of the committee. Apparently, all big powers including Russia and China are involved in this barred enterprise but unable to face the mirror. In fact, the present-day human is making his future more insecure and uncertain through a collection of heaps of the deadliest material on this planet.