Continued Oppression (on India & Kashmir)- The Nation

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Reports have emerged that the Modi government is considering imposing a ban under the black law, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, on the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) and the Mirwaiz-led Hurriyat forum to stifle their voice for freedom. Hurriyat leaders in IIOJK have strongly reacted to this news by terming this as an attempt at defaming the APHC and silencing the movement for self-determination. This revelation is alarming to say the least because the allegations being levelled against the APHC are false and the group’s struggle has always been peaceful and transparent.


India’s crimes against humanity, curbs on freedom of press, speech and assembly cannot be allowed to go unnoticed. The APHC is a recognised political and democratic forum that has been struggling for Kashmiri rights for many decades. The international community cannot allow a representative group of the Kashmiri people to be silenced in such a blatant fashion. As the situation in Afghanistan captures all the news headlines, the Modi government’s atrocities against innocent civilians continue unabated.

On Saturday, Indian troops shot and killed three Kashmiri youth in Pulwama district, taking the number of slain youth in the territory to six in a period of three days. This spate of violence against innocent Kashmiris and the repression of APHC only further underscores India’s desperation when it comes to IIOJK. It’s only aim at this point in time is to somehow eradicate all aspects of resistance.

However, such heavy-handedness is only going to make matters worse for New Delhi. PM Modi would be foolish to believe that such tactics would stop the Kashmiris from pursuing their struggle for right to self-determination. In fact, banning the APHC could potentially mobilise an even greater number of people against the ongoing occupation. Hurriyat leaders represent the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the only way to work out a solution to this long-standing dispute is political dialogue, not high handedness.