Coronavirus legacy of big powers -The Frontier Post

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China strongly protested the United States over the release of a report on the origin of COVID-19 by the US Intelligence Agencies during the recent days. Chinese Foreign Minister and State Counselor Mr. Wang Yi discussed the matter with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a telephone conversation on Sunday. The Chinese Foreign Minister called on Washington to stop politicizing the question of the origin of COVID-19. Wang Yi stressed that the politicization of this problem is the baggage left in the legacy of the Trump administration and the sooner the United States abandons it, the sooner it will get out of the deadlock. The American Intelligence Community concluded that the coronavirus was not created as a biological weapon, however the American experts presented mixed opinion that it may be produced by the natural contact with an infected animal or caused by an incident that occurred in the laboratory. However, the US Intelligence Community noted that the exact reason for the outbreak of the disease could not be confirmed without the Chinese cooperation on the issue.

The controversy about the origin of novel COVID-19 was inflamed with the outbreak of the pandemic in the Wuhan region of China during late 2019. Presently, the issue of origin of COVID-19 has turned into a political dispute between the two powers instead of a medical need of the global community. Each side is supporting the theories suited to its interests and the intention of point scoring has superseded the desire of battling the pandemic. The Chinese side projected two theories relating to the origin of COVID-19 including a natural contact of humans with infected animals in Huanan seafood market in China or slipped out of the virus in a US Army’s laboratory at Fort Detrick Maryland, USA. However, the United States has abandoned the possibility of creation of COVID-19 as a biological weapon at Wuhan Institute of Virology and supported the theory of natural contact of an infected animal in Huanan seafood market or a result of an incident that occurred in the laboratory. On other hand, a team of the World Health Organization (WHO) visited Wuhan twice in connection with investigations of the origin of COVID-19 during February 2021.  After a thorough probe into the matter including interviews of first patients, visit of Huanan seafood market and Wuhan institute of virology and examination of Chinese data, the WHO team noted that US intelligence on the supposed origin of the coronavirus pandemic was not reliable. However, the United States did not believe in the report of WHO and recently released another report on the outbreak of the disease, which rebirth the clash between the two rivals.

At the initial stage, the international community perceived the Chinese aggressive strategy against the pandemic as over exaggeration of the situation, especially US government took the situation lightly however after massive outbreak of the disease in the US, then US President Donald Trump blamed China for hiding the truth regarding severity of the disease at early stage. Then a blame game started between China and the US on the origin of the COVID-19 and continued without any positive outcome. Therefore, both great powers are suggested to end this episode and support the international efforts aimed at combating the disease under the platform of WHO in the larger interest of humanity.