Democracy and the great game- The Frontier

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The United States has announced to hold an online “Summit for Democracy” in December this year and according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the summit will be another attempt to belittle the United Nations. Sergei Lavrov observed these thoughts during a meeting of representatives of the United Russia party with President Vladimir Putin during recent days. Lavrov said that it is the United States who will determine what nations are democracies, they will invite guests themselves. According to reports, President Joe Biden would convene the Summit for Democracy on December 9-10 in virtual format and discussion would be on how to defend against authoritarianism, fight against corruption, and ensure respect for human rights. According to white House press statement, the summit would be participated by heads of state, civil society leaders, Philanthropists, and leaders from private sectors.

Currently, the Biden administration is vigorously pursuing United States efforts to undermine those international powers and systems who pose a threat to US supremacy in the world. America’s prime rivals Russia and China are opposing the so-called western democracy. The US government usually convened such gatherings with its like minded allies and other countries to malign its enemies and demonstrate America’s leadership role at international level. The theme of the upcoming summit for democracy and topics of discussion are smartly designed to punch America’s rival in their vulnerable areas. However, the reaction of Sergey Lavrov clearly depicts that American efforts are successful in chasing the adversaries.

In fact, these efforts are a part of ongoing hybrid war of superpowers against each other in selected areas ranging from politics, economy, human rights, international relations, trade, modern innovations, and cyberspace. The United States is more proactive in its methodology against its rival while using open propaganda techniques to defame and discredit its enemies. On other hand, both Russia and China are undertaking secret intelligence operations against the US.

The smaller countries have been caught between the two sides because they can’t survive without choosing sides with either party and always weaker states have paid the price of the fight between the big elephants. However, the great game between the big powers continued and time would decide the survivor of this round.