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While addressing the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) through video link, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for pooling efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region, overcome differences and enhance mutual understanding through dialogue and consultations. Xi also urged for implementation of the concept of comprehensive and stable global security for the construction of a common home where harmony and tranquility will reign. The Chinese President said that the countries must support each other’s efforts in fighting the pandemic, boost cooperation in the development and production of vaccines as a global public good. He urged the countries to fight the attempts to politicize the subject of vaccines and the issue of the coronavirus’ origin and work together to try to create a civilization of public health for all of mankind.

President Xi’s thoughts are very much relevant to the current global disarray and fragile international political and economic situation due to COVID-19 pandemic over the last one and a half years. The dream of a common home and global security for the whole of humanity had been the noble aspirations of the great leaders like Xi. However, the second part of Xi’s sermon has some inflammatory sentiments which will likely widen the already existing rift between the world’s powerful countries instead of forging a common ground between them. Furthermore, Xi must be aware of his rivals who may not have similar thoughts like him. Fortunately, if all global leaders including Biden and Xi agree on the idea of common home and global security. Then, there will be another issue among them: who would be the Mayor of the common home and Chief of global Security.

In fact, both rivals the United States and China are struggling to achieve a solitary power role in the world in the coming days. Both Biden and Xi usually arrange gatherings of their like minded countries and tell their narratives to them. If all big powers give in to their hegemonic plans and work to end the rivalries among the nations, the world will naturally transform into a common home and when there will be no dishonesty, global security will resume on its own.