For God’s sake, Lesco! (on Energy Crisis)-DAWN

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IT is extremely disappointing that the residents of Lahore, one of the key cities of Pakistan, are deprived of electricity for up to 16 hours every day. Despite the ongoing Covid wave, the residents have to come out of their homes and protest for hours against the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) and its unilateral loadshedding announcements.

The signature Lahore summer heat, coupled with Lesco’s indifference, has become a nightmare for the residents. I fail to understand why we are made to pay crazy amounts in utility bills if all that money would be better spent on power-generation by ourselves? Having an automatic generator with a small tank of diesel is sadly not a luxury or a status symbol anymore. It has become a necessity.

Small cities and towns, like Lodhran, Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar, are facing up to 10 hours of daily loadshedding as well. Perhaps we would have been better off in a smaller city only to get a discounted version of Lesco’s wrath!

Many promises have been made in the past to end this menace of loadshedding, but not a single one has led to any positive change. The residents of Lahore, the provincial capital, need a reliable supply of power. The government needs to step in without any delay.