Joe Biden justified himself for Afghanistan by Tajikistan -The Frontier Post

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Mikhail Sheinkman

Apparently, the same Afghans who fell from the Kabul sky are not letting go of Biden. So he tries to justify himself at every opportunity. However, this time on the example of another country.

Over the weekend, Americans were too busy with their own ceremonies to stand on ceremony with anyone else. In principle, this is unusual for them, but now such disregard for others in the first person seemed to have a good reason. Maybe that’s why the media, usually sensitive to any presidential jamb, missed his tactlessness: it was yes it was. Unlike, say, a masked episode. He was not shown except for the notorious iron. At the funeral event, standing surrounded by his predecessors, Joe Biden suddenly pushed the protective device out of his mouth and shouted something inarticulate into the crowd.

In Pennsylvania, speaking at the fire station, he was very specific, spoke very clearly, almost in syllables. Because he wanted to be heard and conveyed to everyone. Because, apparently, the very Afghans who fell from the Kabul sky are not letting go. So he tries to justify himself at every opportunity. However, this time on the example of another country. And not at all because he got it wrong again. He deliberately, although it is already accepted to consider this definition in combination with his usual state of oxymoron, used a geographic substitution.

“If we were in Tajikistan, rolled out the C-130 and offered everyone who sympathizes with us to get on the plane, we would also get people hanging in the chassis niche.” Biden continues to insist that this is the only way the US can abandon sailors. Shamefully, swiftly, without looking back, over the corpses, winding the locals on wheels. “It’s hard to explain how you can leave differently.” He tried to do it all the same not as usual. Tajikistan is the first thing that came to his mind as a “new word”, perhaps just so as not to go far. He’s across the border.

Although in such a context an analogy with Ukraine would be more appropriate. Well, or could remember Germany and Japan, where the armed Americans are a dime a dozen. But you never know they have military bases scattered around the world. According to such and such Biden’s logic, from now on each host country has the right to be considered a risk zone. But he dragged in exactly the one that just did not accept. What is not a reason for connecting classical conspiracy theories. Say, because of his senile talkativeness, he betrayed the secret plans of the Un-ited States for the neighboring republic of Afghan-istan. However, if he did it deliberately, then, rather, in order to, at least hypothetically, take revenge on her for her refusal.

So-so, of course, revenge, if he admitted that the States could escape, including from here. Nevertheless, he did it in relation to a sovereign state arrogantly and somewhere even squeamish. But it is also very useful. Suddenly, the capitals of Central Asia still doubted whether they did the right thing, that they did not want to become an alternate airfield for the Pentagon. Biden explained to them that they “lost”. After all, as far as Tajikistan is concerned, the Americans have already done everything to make it next to the Taliban. Well, almost everything. They themselves were not allowed here.