Misuse Of BRICS- The Nation

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It is unfortunate when international partnerships designed to promote regional security and economic cooperation, and platforms aimed at tackling the extremely sensitive situation in Afghanistan, are instead misused by a bullying power to promote its own megalomaniac ambitions. India, despite having a large population and regional strength, has demonstrated that it is not worthy of the responsibility of a seat on an international forum. It has misused forums it has been a part of, like the UNHRC or BRICS, to completely divert attention from the important topics the platform intends on addressing, to petty issues in bad-faith in order to defame India’s neighbours and rivals for its leadership’s own gains.


India’s exploitation of the BRICS summit is the latest example that the international world should be wary of. The summit represents a “limited purpose partnership” as it was meant for interstate cooperation; yet a week before the event, India is already instigating conflict, ensuring that the agenda of the summit will not be discussed, rather the topic will be manoeuvred to something needless, more to India’s interest.

Though the NSAs’ meeting discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, India’s contribution was entirely in bad faith- trying to take away the end-goals of peace and negotiation in the discussion by dragging Pakistan into a discussion on terrorism without directly mentioning its name. It is expected that such misbehaviour will also be on display in the BRICS summit as India tries to set the vague topic of “terrorism” as the agenda, all while clamping down on any criticism of its own violations of international law in Kashmir.

This is a practice that has been observed time and time again within the BRICS as well as other bodies like the UN. Member states should correct this behaviour and reiterate the importance of neutrality and the fact that the partnership is based on interstate cooperation. India cannot treat it like a personal platform where it can malign Pakistan and attempt to alienate it from its allies.