Nuclear pollution and big powers -The Frontier Post

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A Russian expedition is currently underway to search for buried radioactive objects in the Arctic Ocean during these days. As reported, the expedition team found a container with a nuclear reactor of a Russian submarine K-19 in the Kara Sea of the Arctic Ocean. According to reports, the members of the Russian special forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations along with scientists from the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are examining the bottom of the Sea and buried wastage of k-19 submarines while using the remote-controlled robots. According to a study, about 18 thousand Nuclear objects are lying in the Arctic ocean including 19 vessels, 14 reactors, twelve hundred dangerous radioactive fragments, chemical substances, and ammunition in the deep waters of bays of Kara and Barents Seas.

In fact, the race of supremacy between the big powers had created numerous existential challenges for mankind as well as other creations including wildlife and Sea life on the earth. The Nuclear reactors and Nuclear weapons had caused serious threats for all living things on the ground, in the air as well as in the sea. According to a study, the dumped nuclear waste in the Sea is likely to pose a threat for sea life after 30 years of its disposal in the sea if normal conditions persist. According to experts, the spent nuclear fuel of these submarines, nuclear reactors and other wastages buried in the Arctic Ocean are likely to pose serious threats to human and sea life during the coming years nearly after 2032. The Nuclear experts perceive these disposed nuclear wastages as another Chernobyl in slow motion in the Seabed of Kara Sea.

According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated an operation to lift the wastage of two Russian Nuclear Submarines and four nuclear reactors from the bottom of Kara Sea in a bid to remove the radioactive material from the Arctic Ocean by 90 % through this operation if it is accomplished successfully. Putin’s decision came ahead of anticipated Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council next year. The Russian government terms these Russian endeavors a part of Putin’s clean Arctic legacy to save the sea environment and attached fishery businesses from the looming radioactive threats during coming years.

Although, Putin wants to clean this nuclear mess which they had been made over the past three decades by his predecessors, whereas on other hand Russia is continuously producing nuclear arsenal and aimed at building 8 nuclear submarines, 8 nuclear missile destroyers, one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, dozens of nuclear-powered underwater drones, and missiles by 2035. Rest of the world nuclear powers using sea based nuclear weapons are also facing similar problems in disposition of their Nukes, spent nuclear fuel and other wastages.

Certainly, all these weapons of mass destruction pose serious threats to human and sea life during the use and after disposition. In fact, 21st century’s man is busy in collecting the gears of his own destruction instead of making his life comfortable and joyful. The world population is suffering from illness, food shortage and poverty only due to wrong priorities of the rulers. Therefore, it is suggested that Biden, Putin, Modi and Xi must rethink their discourse and work for global development and prosperity instead of investing in the bereavement of human beings.