PSGP Project (on Russia & Pak relation, flagship project)-The Nation

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The Russian government’s technical team is set to arrive from Moscow to Islamabad on Tuesday morning to participate in a 3-day talk with Pakistani representatives. The talks will centre around the technical issues regarding the flagship project between Russia and Pakistan titled the ‘Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline’ (PSGP). Both sides will discuss the project implementation and set out the 1040 pipeline’s specifications.

The project is immensely consequential for both countries. It provides an entry for Russia into South Asia, and Pakistan can prove to be an important ally considering its proximity to Afghanistan. For Pakistan too, this project could be vastly beneficial. The 1,100-kilometer pipeline will have the capacity to transport 12.4 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas per year from Karachi to Lahore, where plants will be built to be powered by this energy source. Building better ties with Russia is an integral part of its new foreign policy of leveraging its geostrategic location, coupled with its huge market potential, and working with the regional countries to protect its vital trade, security, economic and strategic interests. This project is mutually beneficial for both countries, and for the peace and stability of the region, which is desperately needed, especially with the vulnerable situation in Afghanistan.

The agenda of the meeting revolves around pipeline specifications and setting its direction. These are the only steps left before the project. However the project has hit a few lags—a few months back, Russia expressed concern over reports of an alternate gas pipeline being considered by Pakistan. Funding is also a consistent cause of delay for the building of the USD $3 billion project. The onus is now upon the petroleum companies, who stand to benefit the most, to meet the implementation target by 2023 once the last details have been agreed upon by both governments. With help from Russia, the probability of meeting expectations is high. All efforts must now be directed towards starting the project and laying down its foundations.