Regional foul play in the making -The Nation

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Afghan citizens are still suffering despite the withdrawal of the US Army, and a slow transition is worsening it further which is complicating the Afghan issue whereas Pakistan continues to be the victim of this conflict.

We feel that Americans should have ended this conflict by resolving the issue of Afghanistan for good after the Doha agreement, but it seems that Americans have not yet finished this agenda as hostility is growing now with each passing day at the cost of peace of this region.

The Afghan money with the US is not being returned to Afghans despite being fully aware of the fact that the people there are starving. The starving Afghan public are suffering and they need humanitarian support.

The world has a question; why does the US not concentrate on clearing its own multi-trillion debt rather than spending trillion of dollars to become a party in others’ wars, sitting far off from the self created battlefields?

These self-created battlefields in other countries must be put to an end as they have brought human loss both to host countries and American soldiers.

Is it justified to fight and incite wars on foreign soil? It in fact brings misery to Americans who lose their loved ones in such wars, let alone the miseries faced by the hosts of such battlefields. As of now, the US controls about 750 bases in at least 80 countries worldwide with active combat deployments in Iraq and Syria and spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined. Over the past 20 years alone, the US has spent $8 trillion on its so-called “global war on terror”, which accounts for $2.3 trillion in Afghanistan alone, $2.1 trillion was spent on the wars in Iraq and Syria, and $355 billion was attributed to other wars. The rest of the money includes in excess of $1 billion in interest payments for the huge amounts of money that the US borrowed to fund the wars. One can understand the loans taken for development but it is hard to understand countries fighting wars on borrowed money. Has any congressman or peace-loving US senator ever questioned the unique use of funding in wars?

Also, more than $2.2 billion has been allocated in obligations for veteran care over the next 30 years which means that, even after the US has left Afghanistan, it will continue to pay for the war for years to come.

The US as a world power, should use its influence and might to help in resolving issues like Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine etc or issues with similar dimensions.

Afghanistan was occupied by NATO/American forces but is now free and hence the US should leave it alone now for Afghans to rebuild and secure the future of their new generations.

On the other hand, Kashmir is under illegal occupation of the Indian Army which is committing unhindered brutalities against oppressed Kashmiris without fear and has never allowed human rights bodies in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir. Will the US ever use its influence in the UN to end the miseries of Kashmiris?

The US may convince and help India withdraw its forces from Kashmir and allow them to have the right to self determination; it will bring immediate peace in the region.

The American congress should consider imposing a ban on the US Army for fighting on the land of any other country. It will rather become a source of destruction like Hiroshima and Vietnam if America continued its new tactics of war and kept striking drones on other countries.

It is time for the US to calculate its losses and gains as to what has it achieved till now from these wars except taking dead bodies of its own soldiers. What is the outcome of wars in the long run? Nothing but destruction, indeed. Apart from the huge financial losses, about 7,000 US service members have died in the post-9/11 conflicts to date. That total includes 2,324 military personnel who died from 2001 to 2021 in Afghanistan, America’s longest war and 4,598 died in Iraq during two phases: the 2003 to 2011 operation, which started in the name of the US’ effort to oust then-leader Saddam Hussein and disarm the country of so-called weapons of mass destruction, and from 2014 to the present, in which the US is battling self created enemies.

No one likes an alien army in their country—will the US ever allow the armies of Afghanistan or Iraq to take control of the streets of Washington?

The world has a right to ask US President Joe Biden; would you even allow your allied forces or Afghan forces to enter the streets of New York forcefully? Would you be there to welcome them? Obviously not—ask Pakistan which has lost 60,000 innocent people and your war on terror has destroyed our economy.

The American surveys show that most of the immigrants are from those countries where the US forcefully engineered wars.

Pakistan assisted US soldiers in Afghanistan and previously fought with the Soviet Union which derailed not only our economy but we also had to face Jihadists imported by the US that turned out to be terrorists in the form of Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups like the TTP.

We are now smelling another sponsored war with Daish and TTP. We are watching some foul play in this region which need to be tackled for the sake of peace in this region.

The region will get into more trouble if the world fails to recognise the Taliban government, otherwise Afghanistan will become once again a hub of international terrorists giving excuse to another war on terror to strike against this upcoming hub of terrorists.

Let the world adopt an easy and quick solution by bringing the Afghan Taliban to the mainstream by recognising their government subject to some conditions within the charter of the UN.

Pakistan does not deserve another foul game as it’s the people that have already suffered heavily from the earlier American war on terror.

Looking at the media reports regarding the use of Pakistani space against the Afghan Taliban by US is another clandestine way of turning the Afghan Taliban against Pakistan and the ultimate use of 80,000 terrorists parked in Nooristan belonging to TTP, Al Qaeda and Daish which are the real potential threats for Pakistan in the near future.

The US needs to play a reconciliatory role to finish hostility in this region to avert another serious conflict.

The views expressed above are solely mine and in national interest and do not necessarily represent the views of my party.