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The attacks on Kabul airport indicate the threat that ISIS now poses in the region. Daesh is not just a danger in Afghanistan or the Middle East; any terrorist group near the borders of Pakistan is a warning to our own security forces that instability could very well seep through on Pakistani grounds as well.

The operation carried out in the Mastung district in Balochistan demonstrates the proximity of the threat. The operation, carried out by Balochistan’s Counterterrorism Department (CTD) on Tuesday, has claimed to have killed 11 terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) in the Qamar Mazarabad area. The CTD team conducted a raid at the camp of the ringleader of Daesh Abdul Hayee when terrorists opened fire and threw hand grenades at the CTD team during the operation. 11 militants were killed in retaliation and ammunition including 4 SMGs, 1 LMG, 2 suicide jackets, 3 9 mm pistols, 15 kg explosives, prima cords, hand grenades, detonators and other arms were recovered from the camp of the outlaws.

The success of this operation is welcome and the bravery of the security forces who conducted the raid and identified the terrorists and recovered some of the ammunition and weapons in ISIS’s possession is commendable. However, these updates are more formidable than relieving. Just as Pakistan is reeling from the elimination of the insidious, foreign-funded terrorist groups because of which the country suffered countless suicide bombs, attacks and causalities, a new, more insidious source of terror seems to have taken root in the region.

Daesh is looking to make strong inroads into this region, and its methods are the most violent. ISIS, taking advantage of the instability in Afghanistan, is a threat to the peace of the entire region. To challenge this regional threat, countries like Afghanistan and Iran need to cooperate with our security forces with the aim to subdue this terror.