Remarkable Advancement (on Manufacturing sector) -The Nation

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) released data according to which we manufactured 12.27 million mobile phones within the first seven months of 2021. Extraordinarily, we have surpassed the import rate of 8.29 million sets for the first time in our history. This proves that Pakistan has all the necessary talent, skills and resources to advance further. Through sustaining this growth, and building upon it by incorporating more technological elements, we could become a major exporter in the international market.

Currently, the manufacturing industry has been focused on catering to the local demand through the production of 2G compatible phones—7.4 million of them—and those equipped with 4G technology that totalled to 4.87 million only. What this shows is current capacity is focused more towards producing 2G handsets primarily. Furthermore, the manufacturing sectoring has been doing well to satisfy market demands domestically, as evidenced by the scale of production. Now, the horizon must be expanded.

Only a third of the mobile phones produced locally facilitate higher technological innovation and incorporate 4G technology which is used primarily by those who are well off financially. While this may be sustainable for now, Pakistan must also evolve with the world which has now been eagerly jumping past 5G services. This entails not only altering the manufacturing process to develop higher valued mobile phones but also meeting international standards. While we may not be able to dominate the market, there is always an opening for those who offer a good quality product for a cheaper price and that is the edge that Pakistan has to use to its advantage. By creating mobile phones that can compete with flagship models, but also offer a good bargain, amplify our probability of becoming a large exporter.

If our government is able to encourage the manufacturing sector in exaggerating this growth, and opening up avenues to gain access to better technology, then the path to progress will become rather straightforward. The higher valued our mobile phones, the better they will do internationally and the more the country will be able to profit.