Russia may play the ‘Afghan card’ in negotiations with the United States (Foreign Affairs)-The Frontier Post

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Alexander Chuikov

As Russian diplomatic sources told AN, one of the “se-rious topics” in the ongoing consultations between our country and the United States with NATO could be the actual recognition of the new Afghan authorities. The issue in the UN Security Council will probably be raised by the PRC with the support of our country.
The other day it became known that the ruling party in Kabul asked China to promote its recognition on the world stage. Earlier, she addressed Moscow with a similar request. After that, a recommendation was issu-ed for the state media to write in their publications not “an organization bann-ed in Russia”, but “an organization recognized as terrorist by the UN”. As the saying goes: “feel the difference.”
They say that Moscow and China, after receiving the latter’s official request for recognition, decided to act as a “united front” in the UN Security Council. Moreover, from a humanitarian standpoint, motivating recognition as the opening of corridors to assist the starving residents of the “heroin paradise”. They say, otherwise, the ruling regime may once again allow poppy planting, which was banned by one of its first decrees.
Beijing and Moscow will also call on the US and the international community to unfreeze government accounts of the government of the Emirate of Afghanistan, blocked last summer after the new regime came to power. For the United States, his recognition or even an attempt to recognize (in the UN Security Council, America, unfortunately, has a veto) will cause “serious moral and spiritual trauma”, since any reminder of the new “Vietnamese” shame will seriously hurt the tender soul of every honest Yankee.