Ukraine-Turkish defense ties -The Frontier Post

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The Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrspetsexport has signed a contract with the Turkish Defense giant Aselsan for the modernization of its air defense systems and their integration with Turkish mobile command posts during recent days. According to reports, Aselsan is a famous manufacturer of defense products, and is engaged in the research and development for continuous introduction of the latest high-tech weaponry in its catalog. The Ukrainian government wants to bring improvements in its air defense system with the help of this Turkish firm. The Ukrainian military is already using Turkish SPK Systems consisting of a combat vehicle equipped with a three-barreled 35mm anti-aircraft cannon and a self-propelled command post. The SPK System is an effective air defence weapon for close protection of objects or units of ground forces from an air attack.

Ukraine has an eternal foe in its neighborhood which is equipped with a powerful military and latest arsenal. Whereas, Ukraine has only trivial political and diplomatic support from the US and EU against its rival. Turkish-Ukrainian military cooperation has increased many folds after the Russian seizure of Crimea in 2014. Both Turkey and Ukraine perceive Russian intervention as a threat for their sovereignty. Turkey and Ukraine had signed several agreements for joint production of corvette ships, cargo aircraft, turbine, and aircraft engines to benefit from each other’s capabilities. Turkey has also provided 17 armed drones to Ukraine during the war of Donbas, which have proved their worth during the war.

According to analysts, Ukraine-Turkey defence cooperation is a win-win game for the two nations. Ukraine sees a reliable defence partner and arms supplier in Turkey, whereas Turkey found a customer for its defence equipment and a potential source of mending its soured ties with US and NATO. Turkey will also benefit from Soviet era aircraft and jet engine technologies from Ukraine through joint ventures between the two countries. According to experts, it is less hopeful that Turkey sends troops to help Ukraine against Russia however, it is possible that Turkey may dispatch military trainers and advisors to strengthen Ukraine military efforts against Russia in any future conflict.