US immigrants and Biden plans – The Frontier Post

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The US media has reported that more than 100,000 employment-based green cards/ permanent residence permits are going to expire at the end of the current financial year due to inaction of the Biden administration on the issue. Although President Biden led Democratic government has big plans to support the US immigrants as compared to its predecessor Trump’s restrictionist policies. The eligible immigrants and leaders of the businesses associated with Immigration sector are lamenting the Biden administration for its slackness because the expiration date is looming ahead on September 30.

According to reports, most of the immigrants who fulfill the criteria for the expiring tranche of green cards are Indian nationals currently working on temporary work visas. As said, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has simplified the process of green card applications for foreign nationals who seek to change their status from a work visa to permanent residency. According to reports, the current deadlock is due to previous administration policies coupled with COVID-19 restrictions and slow hiring by the US employers. Previously, Trump administration stopped the US Diversity Visa Program which encourages the immigrants from the Muslim Majority countries and African nations, has not restored by the Biden administration so far. The current Director USCIS Ms. Ur Jaddou is doing a lot to untie the restrictions imposed by the Trump administration but her pace is slow and there are chances that the big tranche of one lac US Permanent Residency permits would expire if the situation persists.

The United States is the world topmost destination for international immigrants around the globe despite its strictest visa regime as compared to Canada and other European nations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is badly hurting the divided families of US immigrants because immigration process was completely stopped due to travel restrictions, lockdown, and related complications. The US immigrants were hoping for a supportive role by the Biden administration in immigration related issues. However, the current administration could not do enough during its first six months in office and US immigrants are still suffering from bureaucratic formalities of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.